Here you find examples of hydrogen related projects undertaken by members of NAHA.

1. HyNor, Norway – hydrogen stations and vehicles

A Norwegian project that has facilitated the construction of four hydrogen stations and is also running cars and busses.

Information about the project (only in Norwegian) :

Information about the bus project:

Information about the H2-Moves project: 

Further information about their connection to other Scandinavian activities:


2. Utsira, Norway – Wind/hydrogen plant

The Norwegian energy company Hydro together with the German wind turbine manufacturer Enercon, and with financial support from the Norwegian government, built a wind/hydrogen plant in the municipality of Utsira, Norway.

An article about the project:


3. Fife, Scotland – Wind/hydrogen energy park

Fife's Energy Park uses surplus electricity from a turbine to electrolyze water, creating hydrogen, which is then stored. The innovative hydrogen and fuel cell system was developed by the Pure Energy Centre in Unst.

Website of Pure Energy Centre: 

News release about the project: 

The website of Energy Park Fife Scotland:


4. Reykjavík, Iceland – hydrogen station, vehicles and boat

The company constructed a filling station in 2003 in Reykjavík which is still in operation, they have also have experience in operating hydrogen buses and vehicles as well as demonstrating a hydrogen boat application.

Website of Icelandic New Energy and a list of their projects:


5. Nuuk, Greenland - H2KT, hydrogen storage system

The hydrogen plant, which is operated by the national energy company (Nukissiorfiit), is a test system with the aim of providing suggestions for how hydrogen can be used for future renewable energy storage in the country.

Nukissiorfiit website:

The press release:


6. Ramea Island, Newfoundland and Labrador - Wind/hydrogen plant

Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Energy Project, operated by Nalcor Energy, involves integrated energy system in the community and combines wind power, hydrogen and diesel generators to meet energy demands of this isolated community

Nalcor Energy‘s website: