Examples of projects under Nordic Marina







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Project name Goal/Scope Country Year Partners
Demonstration project - Zero emission high-speed passenger vessel Demonstration project showing local hydrogen-based value chain. Hydrogen production, storage, filling on key, fuel cells, innovative hull design. NO 2015-2017 CMR, SKL, Wavepropulsion, IFE, etc.
EffShip Improving the efficiency of the ship machinery, introducing alternative marine fuels, using wind energy as a complementary propulsion force and developing applicable technology for reducing the emissions of CO2, NOx  , SOx and PM. SE 2009—2013 SSPA, ScandiNAOS,  Wärtsilä,           S-MAN,        DEC,       Chalmers,  StoraEnso,   Göteborgs Energi,    Svenska Orient Linjen, Stena Rederi
Electric power supply ship Development of a hybrid power support ship for vessel at port. NO 2011-2013 Hordaland Maritime Miljöselskap AS (HMMS) - Cluster project - involving all partners
Fellowship III Full scale testing of hybrid systems on an operative vessel. Already a 330 kW Molten Carbonate fuel cell is on board, adding ithium ion batteries. NO 2011-2014 DNV, Eidesvik, Wärtislä
Folgefonn project Demonstration of plug-in and hybrid solutions for low emission technologies for short sea shipping. NO 2012-2014 Wärtislä Norway, Fjellstrand, Mecmar, SKL, Apply, Servogear, Norled
Hydrogen as fuels for ships Addressing the calue chain from hydrogen production based on renewable energy to hydrogen fuel cell systems onboard, both compressed (near shore) and liquid hydrogen (offshore vessels). NO Info missing  
Hydrogen Luxury yatcht 2MW fuel cell system for a 95 ft. luxury yacht. NO 2015-2023 CMR, SKL, Berger Holding
Hyfi Transport Hybrid and other configurations for environmentally friendly transport. NO 2014-2015 Maritek, NHH, Fraktefartöyenes rederiforening, MCTW
Joules The JOULES proposal aims to significantly reduce the gas emissions of European built ships, including CO2, SOx, NOx and particulate matters.  Germany 2013-2017  
Maritime SHIFT - SFI Development of intergrated, highly efficient and environmentally friendly energy systems and ship operations for the maritime industry. NO 2015-2023 UiB, NHH, CMR, Prototech, Polytec, IFE, MIT, UCL, Eidesvik, Wärtislä, DNV GL, SKL, HiB
MOT(OR)-2030    (A highly efficient methanol based transport system for fossil free transportation 2030) Demonstration of fossil free system for land and sea transport, both environmentally and economically sustainable and has a higher well-to-wheel efficiency than any other alternative. The system is based on a new type of engine with partially premixed combustion (PPC) that realize the use of neat methanol. SE 2014-2017 Scania, Volvo Cars, Volvo AB, Wärtsilä, Stena Rederi
NORLED Batteries added to a full scale diesel electric ferry, only powered by electricity. NO Info missing  

100% battery ferry. Large scale infrastructure to deliver electricity on each end.  NO Info missing  
Auxiliary Wind Propulsion Solution for large vessels
FI 2012-
Lifeline Ventures Oy, Finnvera Oyj, Wate Oy and  Tekes.
Prinsesse Benedikte Installation of diesel electric engines and added large scale battery packs from Corvus. DK Scandlines  
REFRESH Green Retrofitting of Existing Ships. EU 2012-2015  
Reliable offshore power electronics Power electronics reliability assessment and new system for production and power generation. NO 2010-2014 Sintef, GE,Statkraft, Wärtislä
RENSEA II Test hybrid - batteries and diesel electric systems in combination with sails. Unique regeneration system to be developed in conjunction with the hybrid system. ICE/NO 2013-2015 Northsailing, Icelandic New Energy, Lakeside Excursions, Ge Tek, ANEL, Bellona
RETROFIT Retrofitting ships with new technologies for improved overall environmental footprint, improving the environmental efficiency of waterborne transportation. EU 2011-2014  
SELFA Bettery hybrid fishing vessel. 70% of the energy utilised for a 10 hour fishing trip to come from the batteries - 30% from the diesel genset - 240 trips per year. NO 2008-2014  
SPIRETH Methanol as a clean, low-emission alternative ship fuel (FP7) SE 2011-2015 SSPA, ScandiNAOS,  Wärtsilä,      Stena Rederi,  Methanex,   Lloyd´s Register EMEA,  Haldor-Topsö
The Future Coastal Vessel Concept development - design driven innovation process methodology. NO 2013-2014 MCTW, SKL, Fjellstrand, Wärtislä, Apply, Anel, Prototech
Urban Water Shuttle Concept development, market analysis, pre-demonstration. NO 2013-2014 MCTW, SKL, Fjellstrand, Wärtislä, Apply, Anel, Prototech
Zero vision tool - Pilot Methanol Demonstration of cost effective, clean and easy-to-handle fuel alternative with an easy infrastructure implementation. The diesel engine vessel Stena Germanica will be converted to run on methanol. Local infrastructure will be adapted to handle methanol as a marine fuel.  SE 2013-2015 Stena line, Wärtsilä,       Port of Kiel, Port of Gothenburg, Stena Oil,  SSPA,   Swedish Shipowners' Association
Östensjö New construction. Variable speed diesel generators sets to maximize the efficiency. NO Info missing  
VG Ecocoaster 2 Ecocoaster cargo ships from Royal Bodewes operating on biofuel and MGO. Aim is to halve fuel consumption compared to conventional cargo vessels. FI 2012-2016 Meiraura Group, Foreship Ltd, Aker Arctic Technology Inc