Electromobility in the North Atlantic Regions

The workshop on 'Electromobility in the North Atlantic Regions' was held 4th of October 2012 in Reykjavík, Iceland. The event was highly successful and close to 80 people participated. This was a unique oportunity to get an insight in the progress in the Nordic countries and was organized by Icelandic New Energy as well as EcoEnergy, NAHA and projects funded by Nordisk Energy Forskning (INTELECT, No-Slone and RekkEVidde).




Here you can find the agenda for the conference.


The presentations are available here below:

Jón Björn Skúlason, Icelandic New Energy, Iceland

Government policy and status – Græna Orkan


Ole Henrik Hannisdal, Grönn Bil, Norway

Electric vehicles in Norway – status and future steps


Jonas Ericson, Clean vehicles Stockholm, Sweden

Clean vehicles in Stockholm


Mikael Sloth, H2-Logic, and chairman SHHP, Denmark

How can hydrogen enable electrification of transport in Denmark.


Oliver Weinman, head of research and development, Vattenfall Europe, Germany

Large scale storage of renewable electricity


Christopher Kloed, chairman NAHA, Norway

Role of hydrogen in North Atlantic context


Árni Sigurbjarnarson, Northsailing, Iceland

RENSEA – using renewable energy in marine environment


Sigurd Enge, Bellona foundation, Norway

Renewable energy as a portfolio for marine fuels


Arto Haakana, Green net Finland

RekkEVidde – measuring actual range of battery vehicles


Guðrún Lilja Kristinsdóttir, Icelandic New Energy

Public testing of FCEV´s and BEV´s in Iceland


Juhani Laurikko, VTT, Finland

Electromobility in Finland – policy and status


Jens Christian Lodberg Hoj, Inzero mobility, Denmark

No-Slone project– Making logistics sustainable through Nordic cooperation


Sigurður Ingi Friðleifsson, Energy Agency Iceland

INTELECT – incentives for electro-mobility in the Nordic countries


Ágústa Loftsdóttir, National Energy Agency

Fuel consumption and forecasting future fuel needs


Sverrir Viðar Hauksson, Chairman Automotive Association of Iceland

Visulising the future electric transport in Iceland