NAHA conference

A conference held in conjunction with the inauguration of the hydrogen boat in Iceland.

Below you can find the lectures of the conference held in Reykjavík Iceland:


1. Daniel Aklil - The PURE Project

2. Dr. Scott M. Staley - Ford Technology & Iceland as a Proving Ground

3. Lilja Guðmundsdóttir - H2 Infrastructure, Electric Distribution and Hydrogen Production

4. María H. Maack - Research path within the SMART-H2

5. Monika Kentzler - Development of Fuel Cell Buses and Vehicles, Future Outlook

6. Jón Björn Skúlason - Iceland Striving Towards the Hydrogen Society

7. Ulf Hafseld - HyNor and the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership

8. Greg Jones - Wind-Hydrogen-Diesel Energy Project