Toyota Prius (Internal Combustion Engine)

In late 2007 Quantum Technologies delivered 10 retrofitted hydrogen Prius vehicles. These vehicles were delivered to different customers, including energy companies like Reykjavik Energy (Landsvirkjun) and to Hertz car rental company. Early on the cold winter seemed to be affecting the vehicles due to water leaking into the oil causing certain malfunctions.  In addition, the cars did not heat rapidly upon starting.  To resolve this issue, two engine heaters were installed alleviating the earlier problem. However,  customers who tested the vehicle indicated that the Prius was limited by its range of ~160 km which in turn affected the usage of the car. In total the vehicles have been driven more than 50,000 km to date and the car with the most milage is approaching 12,000 km.

Technical Description:

Five gear

Front-wheel drive automatic transmission

Range 165 km per tank

Milage: 67 - 80 km per kg H2