INTELECT was a NER-Electric transport funded 14 months project which started in March 2011. In the project companies from all the Nordic countries collected information on incentives for alternative vehicles in the region. 

The goal of the project is to support all those working in the field of alternative transport solutions – though main focus on electric mobility. The document should help all players working in this field and vehicle manufacturers to understand how incentives impact the pricing of vehicles in different Nordic countries. It should also provide policy makers with an overview of incentives available in neighbouring countries.

One of the key elements of the project was to build calculators to understand the impact of incentives in the operation cost of vehicles and in the total cost of ownership (TOC). These calculators are now available and the project partners encourage everyone interested in the subject to post the project web site on their own sites or distribute it to relevant players as this is a public site and for everyone to use.

Calculator A calculates the total cost of ownership, taking the different depreciation into the account.

Calculator B makes it possible for the user to compare different types of electric vehicles to most types of conventional vehicles. The user can play with parameters like energy prices, parking fees, battery leasing and oil changes in the assumptions and see how they affect the results.

The project partners sincerely hope that the project findings will stimulate the uptake of environmentally friendly vehicles and help policy makers to form future policy steps regarding environmentally friendly vehicles and fuels. 


The final report for this project is now ready and has been published here.


Project partners:

Icelandic New Energy (Coordinator)



Grönn Bil



Dansk Energi

AF Industry AB