New-H-Ship 2004 - 06

This 15 month project, which started in February 2004, is a specific supported action (SSA) to ensure continued work on earlier national initiatives and EC projects concerning the use of hydrogen as fuel in marine applications. The foundations are the outcomes of projects as for example the FC-SHIP (ended in June 2004) and EURO-HYPORT (ended in July 2003). The New-H-Ship will bridge the gap in this field to assist the creation of a new European Research Agenda.

Taking fuel cells and hydrogen aboard a ship will demonstrate a fairly new technology in a completely new environment, which is wet, salty and hard on electronic equipment. This offers new challenges related to the shipboard requirements. The aim of the project is to identify technical and operational obstacles related to the shipboard system-requirements and infrastructure for maritime fuels. As preparation for real demonstrations, the project will suggest mitigating actions so that investments and the technology for using hydrogen on board will be feasible and secure.

Main goals

Identification of technical barriers (showstoppers) for FC and H2 on board ships

Mapping the road to H2 drive propulsion in ships and making recommendations for further Research and Development

Creation of reference list of R&D activities regarding fuel cells and hydrogen in maritime applications

The project will identify supporting European activities in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells in maritime applications and pre-screen potential partners


Here you can find a poster from a presentation in Brussels.