SUGRE 2007 - 09


 SUGRE (Sustainable Green Fleets) is an accompanying measure within the EC 6th framework program that promotes alternative propulsion and mainly focuses on captive fleets, but not only with regards to land transport. The main objective is to promote and support the conversion of fleets to alternative propulsion (ranging from bio-fuels, methane as fuel to hybrid systems comprised of combustion engines and electric propulsion systems) and the energy efficient usage of them.

SUGRE will foster a positive attitude towards alternative fuels and new power train concepts using captive fleets as forerunners and proof for the viability of alternative propulsion. Site coordinators will organise the validation of the training/briefing materials, support the training/briefing and organise site visits for other fleet owners. We assume that two-way communication with fleet owners will greatly improve the efficacy of dissemination, due to the higher quality of the materials and the possibility of direct communication. As we deal with fleet owners, the impact with regards to the number of converted vehicles is proportional to the effort. By using the results from fleet owners who have changed to alternative propulsion systems, we will also gain good arguments for convincing individual car buyers. For air and water transport fleets are dominating over individual vehicles, so addressing fleets owners is the right way. A knowledge hub, implemented as an internet based communication and information platform, tools supporting the procurement and locality of refuelling sites and a support desk will be implemented.

Icelandic New Energy sent a brochure to 7500 recipients (companies and communities) on transport policy and alternative vehicles in Feb 2008. This undertaking was sponsored partially by the SUGRE project. A second publication, training material for fleet owners is about to be launched in Icelandic.

Below you can find the published SUGRE newsletters:

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