Icelandic New Energy (INE) can assist other communities in getting their hydrogen demonstrations off the ground. INE has unique experience in the field of implementing hydrogen fuel systems since 1999. Research and project reports have been issued for the government, the legslative body and a number of socio-economic projects have been produced during this time in INE.

A list of successful operations follows:

INE was responsible for operating 3 H2 fuel cell buses and the worlds first commercial hydrogen refuelling station in full cooperation with Shell Hydrogen and Norsk Hydro, generating technical, economic and social information.  

INE has implemented a Health Safety and Environmental operational system at the hydrogen station and has trained the staff in an emergency response plan. INE offers therefore assistance to other companies that want to implement their HSE plans. 

INE has created interactive yet basic educational material on CDs for the Icelandic school system regarding the hydrogen energy chain. This is animated, narrated and written in English as well as Icelandic.

INE has overseen all maintenance and hydrogen car repairs, whether they are fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen combuston engines or buses.

INE saw to the building and operating of a filling station before handing the operation over to Shell company in Iceland.

INE has investigated the optimisation of the future hydrogen infrastructure. The purpose is to fully understand the correlation between the electricity production, the grid distribution and hydrogen production and usage from in situ performance. INE is preparing to make hydrogen a customer accepted good inside  the city of Reykjavik.

INE operated at the Keflavik International Airport, along with US partners, a stationary fuel as back up power for communication. 

Currently the main emphasis of the company is to understand the economic implications for the hydrogen infrastructure and social issues and push for further integration of hydrogen as fuel for transport and backup power. This experience is worth taking advantage of.

INE has a long standing experience from international project management and coordination. This applies to European, Nordic and North American projects.The work has been in the form of project design, demonstrations, data acquisition and promotional projects.

INE contributed considerably in the creation of the Icelandic Hydrogen Roadmap and has seen to the establishment of the North Atlantic Hydrogen Association which has the goal of enhancing communication and project implementation in the region.

Parallel to the demonstration projects, INE participates  in projects that add to the knowledge base by participating in theoretical and applied studies concerning all stands of sustainable development and policy formulation for Iceland, the Nordic countries and the EU visions.