INE - PE Consulting Group

Special agreement regarding environmental evaluations


INE and PE Consulting Group ( have signed a cooperation contract that the companies support each others activities specialising in hydrogen and environmental issues. It is evident that LCA studies are of utmost importance in evaluating and comparing fuels and the external effects of using energy sources. PE Consulting Group has vast experience in this field and is working in this area in many different parts of the world.


This adds to the consultancy strength of INE as with PE Consulting Group's participation the team can cover all key aspects of the future hydrogen economy.


Icelandic New Energy

PE Consulting Group 

Governmental Relations.

Project outline 

Project management

Vehicle operation

  • Three hydrogen (FC) buses operating for 3 years (owner)

Infrastructure operation

  • Has operated the world's first commercial hydrogen refuelling station for 3 years (co-owner)
  • Maintenance
  • Economic analysis
  • Forecasting need for fuel

International cooperation

Project management in context with EU, US, IPHE, Nordic, and national.

National/regional roadmap

Initiator of the North Atlantic Hydrogen Association (NAHA)

Stationary application

  • Testing of a 5kW FC unit for communications backup

Implentation of an Health safety and environmental management system.


Social implications, surveys and economic effects.


Making hydrogen happen!


Holistic project evaluation with regard to environmental, economic, and social aspects.

Used methods/tools:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Environmental and economic studies of hydrogen infrastructure and vehicle operation from cradle to grave
  • Benchmark of hydrogen pathways and other alternative/conventional fuels
  • Environmental information (profile) on material and energy production

Sustainability reporting

  • Environmental data management
  • Environmental risk assessment

CO2 emission management

  • Vehicle fleets
  • Energy conversion technologies
  • Industrial processes

Benchmarking of energy conversion technologies (mobile and stationary)

Environmental communication and product declaration

About PE Consulting Group:

Worldwide operating consultancy, branches in North America, Japan, Europe, Australia

Largest LCA working group together with the University of Stuttgart.

Development of environmental assessment methodology for the European demo projects on H2 powered FC busses, CUTE, ECTOS, Hyfleet:CUTE, STEP in Australia, and UNDP/GEF in China

Implementation of web based monitoring tools for research and demo projects.

Development of decision maker tools.