The following brochures are available for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to view the files. - The brocures are intended to give you the basic information about our background, goals and projects.


Informative brochures on INE 2001 - 2008
Our newsletters since 2001 are colourful and illustrated with documentary pictures from memorable events. editor:  Maria Maack
ECTOS 1 on the preparations
ECTOS 2 a description of the station
ECTOS 3 on progress
ECTOS 4 on the final reports
NEWSLETTER 2007 on preparation of new projects



The brochure 2008 outlining our progressive introduction of hydrogen, the history and current tests with hydrogen on private cars and a whale watching boat  SMART - H2.

New Energy 2005 - main results from the bus project - colourful with lots of information








 Icelandic New Energy - our first international introduction 2003 (3.4 Mb)

Towards a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy from the Ministry of Industry  2003 (1.3 Mb)  

Vistorka -  introducing the companies behind Icelandic New Energy2003 (1.2 Mb)