About 25 groups request annually to come for a visit at Icelandic New Energy to learn about local initiatives that aim for integration of hydrogen-fuel into the Icelandic transportation sector. As a response to this high demand for  information, the company offers presentations in English for a charge. INE acts as a consultant and many of the visiting groups have used ideas from these presentations to start their own hydrogen projects back home, using the presented organisation as a model.

Contact: To organise a presentation,  please contact . After agreeing on dates and time, a payment method must be settled.

Cost for the presentation is 55.000 ISK or 425 Euros for each group (max 50 persons) but 38.000 ISK (300 Euros) for student groups at any school level.

An interpretor is not included but we speak clear English. We can offer you an international bank account number to transfer payment, but Icelandic New Energy cannot accept payment with KREDIT card. Please note that you will get a receipt upon Cash payment. 

Description: INE's presentations  are about the company's former, current and foreseen projects on hydrogen energy transitions for the transport setor.  It shows the energy systems background, story, organisation of the owner consortium, role of individual partners and the government, examples of outcomes from demonstrations and foreseen development.  Questions are taken either when they arise or after the presentation. Our presentations are figurative and therefore quite understandable from the visual context. The presentation along with a question session takes about 1 hour and the guests recieve a printed handout with the slides if requested. Translation must be arranged separately but we understand the Nordic languages, French and German but our presentations are in English. The presentations take place at our facilities, Grensásvegi 9.

Tape recording or filming is not allowed. We are not available during weekends or public holidays!

Location: Grensásvegur no 9 in Orkugarður, ground floor. Please ask in the Lobby for Icelandic New Energy. Usually we can start at 9.00 or  14.00  in the afternoon.