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Sustainable tourism in the north – website launched

The Center for Design and Architecture, the National Energy Authority and the Environment Agency have launched a joint information website on a wide range of projects aimed at increasing knowledge, quality and sustainability in Nordic tourism.

The site deals with projects aimed at improving knowledge, enhancing quality and gaining an overview of the challenges and opportunities that the Nordic region faces with respect to sustainable tourism. The focus is on three aspects; Design in Nature, Clean Energy and Environmental Protection. Sustainable tourism in the north is part of A common path, Iceland’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2019.

The common goal of the Nordic countries is to protect the natural and social qualities that form the basis of tourism in the north, thus strengthening their position and competitiveness. By sharing experience and sharing solutions and ideas, these common goals can be achieved. The site’s target audience is policy makers in the Nordic countries; thus the site content is in English.

The Design and Architecture Center’s project, Nature Design, focuses on mapping, planning and development of design processes for the construction, implementation and maintenance of infrastructure, with the aim of protecting sensitive nature and facilitating access to a strong natural experience. By gathering, analyzing and comparing Nordic examples of interior design, the aim is to identify future solutions and methods that contribute to nature conservation and experience. The result of the project is the Nordic Atlas in infrastructure development, which springs from collaboration and knowledge sharing across the Nordic countries. In it will be a variety of examples, ranging from local craftsmanship to innovative design solutions based on new ideas and new technologies. Furthermore, methods for planning, protecting, maintaining and financing sustainable infrastructure in Nordic nature will be highlighted.

The National Energy Authority’s project, Clean Energy, aims to pave the way for carbon neutrality in Nordic tourism. Workshops will be held with operators of tourism boats, car rental cars, coaches and accommodation throughout the Nordic countries, in order to develop policies for increasing the use of green fuels and discuss ways in which governments can support this development. The product of the project is a white paper with proposals for concessions and other measures that can speed up energy transition in tourism.

The Environment Agency’s project section focuses on the management of national parks and other protected areas. Special attention is paid to how guest rooms and other areas of the area can be utilized, education and experience of guards, sustainability goals and monitoring to deliver the areas to the next generations in as good a condition as possible. Six working groups are working on an equal number of sub-projects and they will all meet at a conference to be held in March 2021.

The project is part of Iceland’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, Gagnvegir góðir (e. A common path). The NCM supports Nordic countries to work jointly on common solutions and promote Nordic cooperation. Further information on Iceland’s Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers: GAGNVEGIR GÓÐIR.

For further information on the projects or website please contact Gerður Jónsdóttir, project manager at The Center for Design and Architecture,, tel. 695 6394.